Saturday, February 7, 2015

princess story time party

We decided to have a princess themed party for Emmy this year.  My sweet and talented friend, Barbara, made Emmy this cute Cinderella dress for her party.  Our friend, Mady, provided the tiara and wand.  How cute is she?!?
I absolutely loved the lady who used to do story time at our library, but she's not there anymore.  Lucky for us, she does parties on the side.  I told her we were having a princess party and she came prepared with princess books, a castle craft, and some fun songs.
"Doing the bean bag dance".
The parachute at the end is always a crowd favorite!

I think they enjoyed decorating their castles.  Who doesn't love a little glitter?

Everyone hard at work.

I feel like kids waste so much cake at parties and typically only eat the icing so I decided to do milk and cookies this year.  I made pink and purple crown shaped cookies and they were delicious.

Not having cake does make blowing out a candle a little trickier, but Emmy didn't mind that I was holding it!

Here's how I found the men while the kids were crafting!  They've got to stick together!
Emmy had a great time opening her presents and she got so many wonderful things! 

We had quite the age range of kids from infant to middle school and some boys, but I think overall, they enjoyed the story time party......the princesses some more than others maybe!

Ms. Rebecca has written two books so I decided to give those to the kids as party favors instead of goodie bags.  She even signed the books for the kids.  She did a wonderful job and I would highly recommend her if you're local.  You can check her out on facebook at Miss Rebecca's Story Time and you can find her books on Amazon.

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