Tuesday, February 17, 2015

epic snow day

The weathermen were right and we got snow!!  Our neighbors showed up at our door fist thing this morning and we all headed out for a walk.  Bryce was the most excited about the snow and he jumped right in. 
Love at first sight!

Snow angles in the middle of the street.

Emmy and her BFF, Mady.

We headed to the hill behind our house at the school after our walk.
Jason worked from home for part of the day so it was nice to have him home.  He's the biggest kid of all.

Bryce had a blast.  He had a little run in with a sled later in the morning and had to take an injury time out, but he's ok!

Emmy is fearless in the snow!

I enjoyed listening to her cackle the whole way down.

Even I got in on the action!

I'm pretty sure Emmy had the royal treatment today!
She has Mady wrapped around her little finger!

Love these ladies.
Snow days are a lot more fun with mimosas!  We just pretended we were enjoying drinks in the sand instead of the freezing snow!
The Windsor crew!
I just loved standing at the top of the hill and looking out on all the kids having so much fun!
After about two and a half hours in the snow, we headed in for an injury timeout.
Emmy took a LONG nap!  We all ended up at our neighbors house for lunch and a relaxing afternoon.

We did a little evening sledding and ended the night with a warm-ish fire.  We didn't last long!

I typically despise the snow, but today ranked up there as a best day ever!
We look a little rough, but we were happy!

My sweet snow babies.


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Shipley Mommy said...

I know you and I are usually on the same page when it comes to the white cold stuff. Looks like you enjoyed it at least some. You got great pictures as well. Sorry poor Bryce got hurt, and glad it is healing so quickly!