Friday, December 9, 2011

small group kids

We had our small group from church over for a Christmas dinner last night.  I was hoping to take pictures of the families or at least the couples and kids, but I only managed to get the kids.  Bryce enjoyed having his friends over to play.  He also loved the green Christmas cupcakes!

Bryce's cousins Chase and ......


Our friends Tim and Liz's little boy Aiden and his sister.................


Our friends Justin and Beth's baby Avery.

Our friends Steven and Melissa are expecting their first child, Keagan in about a week!  Once our little girl gets here, we will have 8 kids in our small group.  We have really enjoyed connecting with other people from church that are our age and in the same stage of life! 

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Melissa said...

Such cute little kids! I can't wait to add our last two to the group!