Sunday, December 4, 2011

weekend fun

Today was a busy day.  We got started last night by making Christmas cookies for a cookie exchange.  Bryce had tons of fun helping!

Our town has a Christmas parade each year and our street happens to be on the parade route.  Our youth group came over to watch the parade as part of our Christmas party this year!  Here are Chase and Bryce waiting for it to start.

One of the fun things for our party was a tacky Christmas sweater contest.  Jason borrowed a sweater from his mom!

Only in our town do tractors make a good float!  There were at least 20 of them.

A bathroom remodeling company had this poor girl dressed up as a toilet.  I had to take a picture!

The boys were covering their ears in preparation for the gun salute from the Civil War re-enactors. 

Taylor and the boys were brave and never shed a tear!

The parade ends with Santa on the fire truck!

After the parade, we headed to church for dinner, a gift exchange, a cookie exchange, and the judging of the sweater contest.  I threw on a vest Jason's mom had.  We didn't win, but it was fun.

This was right up Jason's alley.  He would wear this out in public in a heartbeat and not think twice about it!

I just love doing fun things to celebrate around the holidays.  Our next event is Thursday when our small group will get together for our Christmas dinner!

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Melissa said...

Btw, I loved Jason's vest and thought it was a definite contender.