Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 weeks

Not loving the picture this week!  I almost skipped the picture this week.  I had Jason take it last night instead of this morning and I had him take more of a close up.  Not really a fan of my hair/make-up by the end of the day and the angle and closeness didn't really help!  Oh well.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 30 weeks.  I can't believe I only have 10 weeks left!  Time if flying and I'm not nearly as far along with nursery progress and just overall readiness as I was at this point with Bryce.
Maternity clothes: Mostly evertything is maternity, but I'm still enjoying wearing a few of my regular shirts.
Gender: It's a girl.  And I wish we could decided on a name already!
Movement: Yes!  She seems to be more active during the day now rather than at night.  I'm feeling a lot more kicks in my ribs and the top of my stomach.
Sleep: Pretty good.
Cravings: All things chocolate and peppermint.  I'm loving the chocolate peppermint milkshakes from Chick Fil A.  Jason and I usually share a milkshake but he doesn't like peppermint so I'm forced to drink it by myslef.  Not good!  I'm also loving pepperming hot chocolate from Starbucks.  Jason's sister brought me one yesterday and it was SO good!  I'm also patiently awaiting the dark chocolate peppermint ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.  They normally start serving it in December.  That's TOMORROW!
Symptoms: I'm a little more tired in the evenings
Total weight gain: 16 pounds.  Only a pound since last week.  Not bad considering Thanksgiving!
What I miss: I had thought of something good for this, but I've forgotten.  Probably something along the lines of being able to reach my legs to put lotion on them!
Best Moment of the week: Getting a good report at the doctor on Monday.  My weight was good, my blood pressure was great, and the baby's heartbeat was the same as last time!
What I'm looking forward to: This has nothing to do with pregnancy, but I'm looking forward to and already enjoying Bryce's excitement about ALL things Christmas!  This year is going to be so much fun!

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Niki said...

Hey Grace! Not sure if you remember me, but I think we had a few classes together in grad school. I am not sure how I came across this blog (through a friend of a friend I believe) but congrats on baby #2...little girls are lots of fun :) You look adorable and have a beautiful family. Take care!