Saturday, November 5, 2011

train day and goats

Bryce's friend Charlie invited us over to see his baby goats and other farm animals today.  Bryce has been talking about it for a while and got Chase excited about it too, so he tagged along!

They enjoyed feeding the big goats and the chickens.

I was surprised that they were so willing to go in with the goats and interact with them.

Bryce loved the trampoline. We're thinking about getting him one for Christmas or his birthday.

We made our way to train day after playing at Charlie's house. Here is Bryce racing trains with another little boy because Chase wouldn't have any part of it. He yelled Ready, Set, Go so the man would push the button to start the trains.

His train was the fastest!

The boys enjoyed watching the model trains go around the track. Charlie even got to press the button to make the whistle blow. Bryce and Chase weren't so sure about it.

Jason, Bryce, Charlie, and Russ

 I was excited that Bryce was so brave this year. He wanted to try out everything.

We had a great time despite the cold weather.  I told Jason I may have to skip train day next year to stay warm with our little girl.  Maybe we'll go shopping instead!

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