Saturday, November 19, 2011

I live for days like this

Today was another family fun day.  This year Jason's aunt and uncle in Maryland were hosting his mom's side of the family for Thanksgiving. Today was the day so we decided to leave early this morning and take a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium before hand.  We knew Bryce would love this! 

Enjoying the warm temperatures in the Rainforest.

Bryce loved looking at the sharks and the sting rays.  Scuba divers were feeding the sting rays while we were watching and they did a little demonstration for Bryce through the glass.

My sweet little buddy!

Bryce loved the dolphin show the most.

We headed to Jason's aunt's house after the aquarium for some fun and a delicious meal.  Bryce enjoyed playing with the other great-grandchildren. 

We have got to get this boy a trampoline.

Despite the 3 hour car ride (each way) it was a great day.  I love doing fun things as a family and making happy memories for Bryce.  I can't wait for the fun we'll have as a family of 4!

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