Monday, November 21, 2011

holiday tradition

We headed to Bass Pro Shop tonight for our free picture with Santa.  We actually got a few free pictures because a lady from our church was one of "Santa's helpers".  I really thought this would be the year Bryce was old enough or should I say brave enough to handle Santa, but you can clearly see that Jason and I are in the picture yet again this year. 

Bryce made it about half way down the aisle before he realized he didn't really want to talk to Santa.  We were able to get him to give Santa a high five (rather than sit in his lap) and he told him he wants a bow and arrow for Christmas (he is totally Jason's son).   Santa didn't have his hat on, but Bryce did!  Before we left the house he made sure to tell me we couldn't forget his hat.  Not sure why he thought he should wear it, but luckily I was able to find it before we left.  Unfortunately it didn't help in the bravery department!  And just for fun, here is the  link to our trip to Bass Pro Shop last year. 

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