Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ho ho ho

We headed to Bass Pro Shop tonight for dinner and a chance to sit on Santa's lap. Bryce has been looking forward to it all week and we've been talking it up and practicing what he was going to say. After dinner we did a little arts and crafts and then we were off to see Santa.
Bryce's excitement quickly vanished when he realized who Santa really was, ha! He cried for the pictures, but we were able to get him to calm down and talk to Santa. He was going to tell him, "My want a football helmet, please". He ended up saying, "My want a present, please". He also asked him for candy corn, ha! I think he meant candy cane, as that was what we were using for bribery for him to talk to Santa!

You may enjoy THIS flashback from last year!

Regaining his "manliness" after losing it with Santa!

We're getting a little better with the group picture!

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