Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 27 weeks
Maternity clothes: All pants and dresses are maternity, but I'm still wearing some regular tops.
Gender: girl
Movement: All the time.  She's still the most active in the evening.
Sleep: Pretty good, but I've started getting up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night again.
Cravings: EVERYTHING.  I just feel the urge to eat like a pregnant woman.  I'm trying to keep it under control, but I have lost all will power between stress at school and the availability of Halloween candy ALL around me!
Symptoms: I get full really quickly and my belly gets really uncomfortable.  Unfortunately it's not stopping me from eating any, ha!
Total weight gain: 14 pounds.  I went ahead and gained a pound for this week and a pound for last week since I didn't gain anything.  Oh me!
What I miss: I miss laying on my stomach and having fewer positions to lay and actually be comfortable.
Best moment of the week: I've just been enjoying the fun things we do as a family of three.  I know things will be drastically different with a baby in the house.
What I'm looking forward to: Looking forward to things we do as a family of four!

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La Dolce Vita said...

Oh you still look fabulous though! I've gained like 20! I'm hoping he's still measuring ahead so really maybe I'm 29 weeks and it means he's just going to be a BIG BOY. Not all my fault right? haha Wishful thinking.