Wednesday, November 16, 2011

28 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 28 weeks
Maternity clothes: None of my outfit today is maternity!  This never would have been possible when I was pregnant with Bryce.  Most days I've been wearing everything maternity.
Gender: It's a girl.  Jason has been coming up with all sorts of names.  This week he likes Haley, Riley, and Darla.  Darla has quite the story behind it, ha!  I'm not sure I want to name a child after a Little Rascals character.
Movement: This little girl is a night owl.  Hopefully she will quickly/easily adjust her sleep/wake periods when she arrives!  Last night I thought she was throwing a party in my belly she was moving so much.  Maybe she was enjoying the sugar high from my glucose test yesterday!  I'm thinking I will hear the results tomorrow since I didn't hear anything today.
Sleep: Sleeping like a champ!  Just an occasional bathroom break around 4, which gives me just a little more time to sleep before the alarm goes off.
Cravings: FOOD!  Candy, ice cream, hot chocolate, snacks, you name it!  I'm not necessarily indulging in all of the cravings though. 
Symptoms: Growing belly.  My belly always feels like it's stretching and growing. 
Total weight gain: 14.5 pounds (that half a pound is a big deal because I didn't gain a whole pound this week!).  I ate really well for two days to ensure good results on the glucose test (even though I really wasn't worried), so I'm sure I will be back to a pound a week this week. 
What I miss: After reading another blog yesterday, I'm really going to miss champagne and brie at my annual fourth grade Christmas party! 
Best moment of the week: hearing a strong heartbeat at the doctor yesterday and getting a good report.  I was really excited when the doctor measured me and said I was right on track and I was all baby.  I was all fat with Bryce, ha!
What I'm looking forward to: I got an email today with UPS shipment confirmation on the nursery bedding.  It should be here by Friday.  Then I will be able to pick a paint color and put my mom to work! 

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La Dolce Vita said...

yes, champagne/wine and brie will be missed but think about all the thanksgiving dinner and christmas sweets we get to eat with zero guilt since we're "eating for two" =) haha Bring it.