Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas re-cap

PaPa led the Christmas Eve service this year and invited children to sit on the stage with him while he told the Christmas story.  Bryce did a great job!

I clearly need work on my photography skills, but I just thought Bryce looked so cute holding his candle.

We finished assembling Bryce's power wheels and got everything wrapped and ready  a lot quicker than I thought we would!  You can see Bryce left milk and cookies for Santa on his toy box.  He had originally asked me to put apple juice in the cup, but then he got upset that there wouldn't be any left for him so he changed it to milk.  I told him Santa would like that better anyway!

Bryce never really asked for a power wheels, but he did point out a blue truck (power wheels) in one of the toy ads and we had thought about getting a power wheels this year so we surprised him with it.

I think he liked it!  He test drove it a bit in the house, but he was only able to go back and forth about a foot so we quickly took it outside before the Christmas tree came tumbling down!

Bryce even helped Macy open her gifts!

Bryce asked Santa for a bow and arrow.

I'm afraid he's going to take after his DaDa and his passion for hunting!

Just had to throw in another picture to capture Bryce's excitement over the power wheels!

Taking it for a spin outside.

He worked up an appetite for some chocolate Christmas pancakes!

Unfortunately I didn't do a great job of pulling my camera out after we left the house.  We headed to church and then to Jason's parents house for brunch, presents, and cake for Jesus' birthday.  Then we headed to my parents house to get stockings and then home to "rest".  We didn't even bother with a nap because I knew once we got him asleep we would be waking him up for more fun.  We ended the night at Jason's aunt and grandma's house for dinner and then Bryce went to MeMa and PaPa's house for a sleepover with Chase.  He was still exhausted when we picked him up this morning.  We went to Jason's grandparents house for Christmas lunch today and then came home and finally got in a nap.  I think it's safe to say we are slowly getting back into a routine and catching up on sleep and some healthier eating!  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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