Friday, February 25, 2011

Bryce is 2

Happy Birthday, Bryce!

 We started the day off with presents and "2" shaped pancakes!

I took the day off to spend with Bryce on his special day so I scheduled a trip to the little gym.  We have never been, but we kept getting a coupon for a free class so I figured today would be a great day to try it out.  Bryce was shy for about a minute and then opened right up.  He had a ton of fun hanging from the bars and climbing on the equipment. 

He even let the instructor help him flip. 

So proud! 

We had a long afternoon.  I knew nap time was going to be messed up today because Bryce had his 2 year well visit at 2:00 today (right in the middle of nap time).  I figured we would go to the doctor and then take a late nap.  Instead, we spent the whole afternoon at the doctor.  His well visit went fine.  He weighs 25.3 pounds and is 33 inches tall.  Still in the 10-25% for each.  However, he has always had a bump on the side of his head that I ask about every time and they always say it is nothing.  Until today.  Today the doctor wanted to have it x-rayed.  I wasn't really worried about what the results would show, but more so that he was going to be exposed to radiation (the doctor put that fear in my head).  So we walked what seemed like a mile through the doctor's office/hospital and got all situated for x-rays.  In the meantime I texted Jason to let him know what was going on and that I was a little emotional doing it all alone.  He was able to leave work and was in the waiting room when came out with the good news that the bump is just bone.  Thank goodness!  Bryce's 2nd birthday could have taken a serious turn for the worse.  In an attempt to cheer us all up, we went to Chick Fil A for a milkshake. 

Bryce has to have his own everything now.  I played with Bryce in the play area while Jason made Bryce his "own" milkshake.  He was thrilled!

We celebrated with the grandparents tonight.  MeMa and PaPa came over with cupcakes and fire truck themed gifts and Bryce got to go play basketball at the gym at church.  Bryce enjoyed singing and blowing out the candles so much that he asked to do it again and of course we did! 


We went to Nana and Pap's house when he came home from playing basketball.  Bryce got a kitchen and all the fixin's.  I was so excited about this because he seeks out a kitchen wherever we go and we just didn't have any wall space for one in the playroom.  The other highlight of our day was having lunch at McDonald's.  We had the place to ourselves until a daycare showed up for a field trip.  Yikes!  And for the record, Bryce refused to wear his birthday shirt today.  He promised he would wear it to his party tomorrow!  

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