Saturday, February 19, 2011

on the mend

My mommy instinct got the best of me this morning and I decided it was finally time to take Bryce to the doctor.  Yesterday he threw up a couple of times because his cough was so bad and it made him gag.  He was still acting fine so we decided to let it go.  This morning however, he threw up every time he coughed and he just laid around and watched tv all morning and didn't want to play.  That is SO not Bryce.  He would rather be playing than sitting still on the couch watching tv.  I called the doctor and they were able to squeeze us in at 11:30, but said we would have to wait a while.  Thankfully we were in and out in less than 30 minutes.  Right about the time the doctor started checking his ears I made the comment that last time he had a bad cough like this he had an ear infection.  Turns out that was the case this time too.  Bryce never complained about his ears and never showed signs of them hurting.

We got Subway on the way home and Bryce wanted a chocolate chip cookie.  He has already learned that he can ask for anything when he is sick and it's his!  After that cookie you would have never known he had been feeling under the weather.  He had his first dose of medicine and now he is napping.  Definitely think he'll be back to 100% by his birthday!  Do you love how his sweat pants are hiked all the way up to his knees, ha!

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