Saturday, February 12, 2011

our weekend so far

We were out at the mall Friday night and decided to stop in a shoe store for Jason so I measured Bryce's foot while we were there.  His foot has finally grown a little so we bought some new shoes.  We found these cute little things at Payless.  Bryce loves telling everyone "I got new shoes from the mall".

Bryce's pacifier bit the dust the other night.  This is the same pacifier Bryce came home from the hospital with!  We noticed a few weeks ago that it was starting to tear.  The other night he was being silly and yanking it out of his mouth and it finally fell apart.  He was devastated.  Mostly because we had told him that when it broke he was done with pacis.  However, the night it happened we got home late from Bible study and he was too tired to attempt a no paci night so we caved! 

We have had a full day today.  We went to ChickFilA for breakfast, grocery shopped at Walmart, took Macy to PetSmart to get her toenails cut and for Bryce to see the animals, played at Inflatable Palace, got BBQ for lunch, then made Valentine cookies after Bryce's nap.

 Bryce enjoyed licking the sprinkles off the table.

 Pink face

 Icing cookies

The finished products

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