Tuesday, February 8, 2011

random stuff

Bryce's birthday is quickly approaching and I'm so excited.  So is he.  He knows his birthday is February 25th and that he is going to be 2.  He is practicing making a 2 with his fingers, but apparently it's harder than making a 1.  Jason and I went shopping for his presents today and it was so fun.  We got him a grill so he cook out with Jason and a Leap Frog laptop because he loves ours so much!

Bryce was laying on his back and holding this book up in the air while he read.  It was too cute, but of course once I got the camera out he rolled over and was not interested in laying on his back for me to recreate the moment for a picture!

 Wearing Mama's shoes

I brought some stickers home from school today for Bryce.  He enjoyed playing with them and sticking them to floor while I was unpacking our stuff from the day.  Good thing he wasn't playing with permanent markers, ha!

Check out this key chain my mom found.  I've never seen Bryce's name on anything before!

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