Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day

I always remember how my parents made Valentine's Day special when I was growing up.  Jason and I celebrated Valentine's Day when we dated, but never after we got married.  Well I take that back.  I celebrated it, but Jason didn't, ha!  However, since this is the first year that Bryce understands Valentine's Day, things were a little different around here today!  We show Bryce we love him everyday, but it was fun to have a special day.

We got Bryce some Thomas pajamas (which he had to put on immediately this morning), some new sidewalk chalk, and a ring pop.  He loved it!  I was a slacker this year in the gift giving for the hubs.  I had Bryce make Jason a card and Jason was with me when I bought his giant marshmallow hearts (his favorite).  I gave Jason a meat grinder a few years ago for Valentine's so I'm good for a few more years, he he! I managed to wrangle Jason into the gift giving this year.  I left him a list of Pandora heart charms and a Penelope gift card as my hint for Valentine's this year.  It worked!  I even got a card and Milk Duds.  I was very excited and he was proud of himself.  He came up with his own Valentine slogan today "Just because I don't like it, doesn't mean you don't deserve it".  He's a keeper.  Bryce and I are glad we have such a great Valentine

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Heather said...

how cute, love jason's motto! does he propogate that to other men??