Friday, February 18, 2011

fishing trip

Bryce and Jason have been looking forward to this fishing trip all week.  Bryce couldn't wait to go on Ryan's boat with Ryan and Toby (the dog).  Here he is all suited up in his life jacket!

Nothing like a gummy worm for a mid morning snack.  Jason said Bryce did great, but every now and then he asked to go home and see Macy.  Too cute!

Boat life is hard work.  Bryce tried catching a nap, but didn't fall asleep as easily as he did on Kelly's sofa yesterday!  He did however sleep on the ride back and still took a good nap when he got home. 

Jason is definitely looking forward to more trips like this with B-man as he gets older.  When he gets excited about all the boy stuff they will get to do he assures me I'll have a little girl to go shopping with some day.  Let's hope!

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