Monday, June 30, 2014

Nags Head 2014

We spent last week in Nags Head with Jason's family.  We had tons of sun and lots of fun!
Matching suits.

These girls stick together like glue.

Kelly did something different with their hair each day!
Hello Kitty cookies.  Where's Emmy?
The boys were there too!

They spent most of the week playing baseball.

Cooling off.

There was lots of snacking on the beach.

Apparently, there was lots of drinking on the beach.

Cutie pie.
Even cuter from the back!
Sweet siblings.

I posed the kids for a few photos one day.

They were good sports about it.

Who doesn't like jumping up and down?!?

The water was really rough at the beginning and end of the week, but it calmed down one day so Jason took Bryce out on the paddle board.
Brave boy!

His hair sure did lighten up this week.

The kids shared a room this year.  Some nights went well and they all slept in there and some nights Emmy was a party animal and the dispersed.  Somehow, Emmy managed to get stay in there each night! 
Stay tuned for more beach fun!  In the mean time, click HERE to see what Kelly captured this week.

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