Monday, June 30, 2014

Nags Head - Kelly and Dave's 10 year anniversary

Kelly and Dave were married on the beach in Nags Head 10 years ago.  Jason's parents threw them an anniversary party to celebrate.  Look how things have changed in 10 years.
The guys brought their shirts from the wedding to recreate some pictures.  Even Kelly wore her rehearsal dinner dress to the party (10 years and 2 kids later - lucky girl). 
I think Jason looks like such a kid 10 years ago and I have crazy bags under my eyes now!

Some of the members of the wedding party were able to be there this year to celebrate.  The weather for Kelly and Dave's wedding was horrible so guests were lucky this go around!

My how 10 years brings many changes!  Jason and I will celebrate 11 years this summer!


The boys

The girls

The kids had lots of fun at the party!
This silly boy keeps me laughing!

Happy Anniversary, Kelly and Dave.  For more party fun, click HERE.

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