Friday, April 29, 2016

first grade field day

It's been raining for days, but it can't dampen all the fun we're having!  I got to hang out at school today for field day.  Luckily, our first activity was inside.  The kids did a little zumba!

A little watermelon for snack!

Next up were some relay races.

Go Bryce!

Bryce loves a good running race!

Bryce and his buddy Patrick.

The bouncy slide is always a big hit.

A little parachute fun before calling it a day.

The school had teacher delivery night through Papa John's last month and Bryce's class had the most sales and won a pizza party.  Field day was the perfect day for a pizza party!  I was the lucky one who got to pick it up!

This has been a fun week for the kiddos and I'm so thankful to be home to enjoy it all!  A big thank you to my hubby who makes it all possible for us!

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