Sunday, April 24, 2016

another busy week

This week was button week at gymnastics.  At the end of the eight week session, kids get a button to put on their ribbon and they get a certificate.  Bryce enjoyed the first session so we're going to keep it up for a bit.

Emmy had a field trip to the park this week with her class.  I insisted she pose for a picture on the raccoon statue since she was wearing her raccoon leggings!

We went in to Bryce's class on Friday to help tie dye shirts for field day.  I managed to get a picture of Emmy, but not Bryce. Oops!

Emmy got her button at gymnastics on Friday.

Bryce had a piece of artwork displayed at our school district's Arts & Science Festival.  It happened to be at the high school where Jason and I went so it was fun to walk around and reminisce. 

Bryce had his fourth game of the season on Saturday.  I figured it was about time I get a picture of him suited up to prove that he is actually playing, ha!

He's played catcher the last two games and has really enjoyed it.  

Today after church the boys went to the Nascar race.  

The Shipleys had free tickets so they invited Jason and Bryce to come.  This is Jason's second race and Bryce's first.  

Another fun week/weekend in the books!

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