Saturday, April 16, 2016

well, it's been a while

I apparently lost my blogging mojo after spring break as we jumped right back into our busy schedule and I must have stopped taking pictures!  I've done a little better in the last week so here you go!

Macy hopped up in this basket one day and I just thought she was the cutest thing.

Emmy requested carrots in the garden this year.  We're just waiting for spring to stick around long enough for us to plant and play outside!

Sundays are just so tiring!

The kids didn't get a chance to go fishing with MeMa over spring break so they were excited to go after church last Sunday.

See that fish?!?  It's just as cute as that toothless grin!

This girl is so fun!

The spring running series started last Sunday and the kids had a great start.  Emmy came in 3rd place in her age group,

It was also National Sibling Day to I took the obligatory photo!

Bryceman came in 4th in his age group.  He did great, but he was upset that a classmate of his who he runs with at school everyday came in before him!

Emmy came with me to Bryce's school this week while I helped at the book fair.  The library aid told her she could set up shop at her desk.  She thought she was something else!

Emmy's school had a spring fling on Thursday.  We ran into a church friend and enjoyed ice cream with her!

A little Hello Kitty face paint to round out the night!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Macy you are too precious! Emmy you are always so adorable in all you do, but the pictures also show how fun and happy & sweet you are as well. Bryce, keep on practicing and pushing hard--but don't forget it's supposed to be fun. :) Grace, you have two of the sweetest siblings in town. You are truly blessed.