Thursday, January 16, 2014

well hello snow

So I heard the word "snow" being tossed around yesterday, but I didn't really think anything of it.  It was pouring down rain last night when we left church so I assumed we'd be getting rain instead of snow.  I opened the blinds in my room this morning and was surprised to see snow on the ground.  I told Bryce to go look out the window and he immediately ran to his room and put on his snow pants before he could ever get out the word snow!!
Jumping on the snow covered trampoline is Bryce's favorite thing to do in the snow.

He would lay in the snow all day and never get cold.

Emmy woke up about an hour after Bryce did, but she wasn't going to be left out!

She also enjoyed playing on the trampoline. 

Emmy was just giddy while playing in the snow.  She laughed the entire time and loved every second of it.  This flashback from last year paints a different picture of her thoughts on snow.  I still feel the same about the snow as she did last year!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Ha! Emmy you and I are in the same boat, well snow pan! That is the face I make when I hear that "s" word too!

Love the trampoline idea! How fun! Thomas got out in it a bit this morning too, but it looks like you got just a little more on your side of town (all .5 miles away). Or, maybe Bryce just got up and out earlier ;)