Tuesday, January 28, 2014

finally caught up on pictures

So I'm not sure I can keep using the excuse that I'm not making time to blog.  I think the real truth is that I'm not taking the time to pull out my camera and take pictures of the kids.  Thankfully I have Barbara as my personal photographer who sends me pictures.  Weeks ago now, the kids in Bryce's class had a lunch play date at Chick Fil A after school.  Emmy, who is deathly afraid of the slide (I always have to go up and drag her out) got brave that day and tried out the slide and turns out, she LOVED it!!  Thanks for capturing this one Barbara.
If Barbara isn't sending me pictures, she's giving me reasons to snap pictures.  Look at the precious dress she whipped up one morning for Emmy, with a matching head band to boot!  Thanks for loving my babies, Barbara!
Our friend Avery let Emmy borrow a few things she had outgrown and this sweet monkey dress was one of them.  I made sure to get a picture of her before church on Sunday and Bryce insisted he and his twin needed to be in the picture.  Bryce picks out their outfits every Sunday and attempts to match them!  
I took Bryce to Pump It Up for a classmate's birthday party on Sunday afternoon.  We will be back there for another party on Saturday!

I never got around to posting all of our last snow pictures and here we are on the brink of another storm.  I blogged a few days ago about hopping our fence and sledding at the school behind us.  We never really realized how much of a slope it was until we went sledding! Emmy was even brave enough to go down! 

The boys!

Me and my babies!

As a teacher, I LOVED the snow and looked forward to the days off.  Now that I'm home, I.DO.NOT. like the snow (mostly just the mess it makes in the house and how cold it is out in it).  Bryce isn't at the age yet that he looks forward to snow days because he loves school and he keeps missing super fun days because of the snow.
Bryce helped Jason get ahead of the snow this time and cleared a path tonight.  I'm sure it will be covered in the morning, though.

Bundled up and LOVING the snow.

It's NEVER been this cold when it snows around here.  We usually get snow and it's gone the next day when the sun comes out, but that's not the case with these past few snows.

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Shipley Mommy said...

You know how much I love matchy-matchy things and the fact that Bryce wants to dress just like dad--eek! Love it!!

And, I am so glad Emmy's dress fit. She looks lovely in anything! :)