Tuesday, September 6, 2016

the first day of school

Today was the first day of school and I'd say it was a success for everyone!  

Bryce definitely looks taller and older to me this year.  He always does, but this year especially!

Bryce is walking to and from school this year so we all took him this morning and Jason ended up in the school mascot costume to greet students on their first day.

This group of wonderful men from our church came to school today to encourage the kids on their first day.  It was super special.  

Jason was at the bus loop greeting the kids as they got to school so I walked to class with Bryce and got permission from his teacher for us to come down for a picture when Jason was done! 

This little lady started her second and last year of preschool today.  

She gets prettier every year!  And I don't want to talk about how grown up she looks!

We switched preschools this year and she now attends the same school Bryce did for both of his years of preschool.  And she has his same teacher!  We are so thrilled!

Once Bryce got home from school I took them out for donuts to celebrate their first day!

You two will do great things this year!  Love you!

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