Tuesday, April 20, 2010

fun day

Bryce had a wonderful day at Kelly's today. It's days like today (well everyday, really) that I wish I could stay at home with this sweet little boy!
Kelly took the kids to Maymont (a park with animals) to meet a friend and her kids. Here are all the boys sitting on the bench. I can only imagine how much fun the boys had as well as the moms. I know it's work, but working with your OWN kid is (on most days) WAY better than working with 25 other people's kids (I really do love my job, though)!
Thank goodness Kelly had some pictures to help document this day because I didn't do such a great job this evening, but we did have a great night. Because I love being with other people's kids, ha!, I volunteered to help out at our spring PTO meeting at school tonight. We had the Scholastic book fair in conjunction with the meeting. So while Jason and Bryce ate dinner, played on the playground, and danced to the 5th grade music groups, I signed books the students purchased (because I'm like a celebrity to them, ha!). Bryce was just adorable picking out the books he wanted and sitting on the floor reading them. Most of all, the audience got a kick out of Bryce's dancing and clapping. Too cute! Just wish I had some pictures to show for it.

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