Saturday, April 3, 2010

easter fun

We started our day at church for the annual Resurrection Egg Hunt. I was very excited to see what Bryce would do. He was not as interested in the eggs as I thought he would be. I think he picked up about 6 eggs before he lost interest.

Picking up an egg

Putting the egg in the basket

Checking out what's in the basket

He really enjoyed dumping the eggs out of the basket to see what he had collected

After his morning nap we decided to go to a local park and enjoy the beautiful day. Bryce enjoyed swinging, sliding, and playing with the animal statues. While we were there we took a walk around the lake and Jason caught a couple of fish.

This evening we went to Jason's grandparent's house for another egg hunt and dinner. Bryce had a better idea of what he was doing tonight! Here he is getting eggs with PaPa.

Putting eggs in the basket

Taking the eggs out to check out the goods!

Relaxing with DaDa after a fun day!


Josh, Jamie, Kaleb, Kathryn & Maggie said...

um...what kind of shoes does jason have on?! those are really great...and look really comfy!

A Wedding Story said...

So cute! He's all boy!

Heather said...

jamie, i was going (am) writing the same thing! are those toe holders? bryce is tooooo cute!!