Friday, April 23, 2010

water table

Jason went out with the guys tonight so Bryce and I had a fun night at home. We ate dinner out on the deck and enjoyed Bryce's picnic table from MeMaw and PaPa. It even has a cute umbrella for when the sun is out.

He would really rather drink from my water cup than eat or drink anything of his own!

Bryce has been enjoying the big rake that Jason used to clean up bush trimmings earlier in the week. He get so frustrated because it is too big and he can't move it when it gets stuck in the grass. I went out tonight and got him a rake that is more his size.

I have been wanting to get Bryce a water table. I figured now would be a good time since it is warm outside and it won't matter if he is soaked. I'm thinking that a little warmer weather and a bathing suit might be better, ha!

Bryce really wanted to get in the water. I guess it looked like a tub to him and he LOVES the tub and bath time.

He also enjoyed tasting the water, too!

What a great start to the weekend!

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