Thursday, April 8, 2010

random ramblings

Just wanted to share what was on my mind tonight. Everything is covered in pollen and has a yellow tint to it. Thankfully a cold front is coming in tonight which should bring enough rain to wash it away rather than make a paste of ickyness (Jason and I debated y or i.....he won). I got a relaxer put in my hair today and I may finally have relief from my super thick and unmanageable curly hair. Of course I won't really know until I can wash it and style it myself in 48 hours. Isn't that crazy! It's like a perm, but the opposite effect. Bryce is totally off formula and bottles. It didn't take him long to be rid of his daytime bottles. He was really over it. I wanted to keep giving him a night time bottle, but he could have cared less. Now he is a sippy cup, milk drinking boy! We all had the stomach flu this week. Bryce started with it Monday, but thankfully it didn't last long for him. Jason and I both had it by Tuesday. I was better by Wednesday and Jason is finally feeling better today. Not a pleasant way to spend spring break, but at least I didn't have to waste any days. Because you know some day when Bryce is in kindergarten I'm going to need those days for another round of maternity leave, ha!

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