Sunday, April 25, 2010

14 months

Bryce is 14 months old today! Just so hard to believe.
We feel like he is such a smart little boy. He can repeat or try to repeat just about any word we ask. He also recognizes many things and can name them on his own. I think he is finally getting his 5th tooth. He has gotten very good at saying Chase's name and he is always excited to play with him.

Bryce and Chase spent the afternoon at MeMaw and PaPa's house and had tons of fun. When we picked him up, he and Chase were wearing matching pajamas. They got dirty digging for worms so they had to take a bath and MeMaw had these cute pjs ready for them!

We took Bryce for a wagon ride when we got home. I love how he had his feet propped up and he was just relaxing with his cup in his hand!

We bought Bryce some golf clubs this weekend. He thinks they are bats. He will say club when we correct him, but he still thinks they are bats.


A Boo

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