Sunday, April 18, 2010

tomorrow is already monday?!?

Is this little boy photogenic or what?!?
My friend Beth was testing out some new camera equipment before she photographed a wedding this weekend and she captured the above picture of Bryceman. Just look at those big brown eyes!
This is just the sweetest picture of our little man. He was resting his head on the table tonight at dinner and he just looked so cute. I didn't post the picture that followed this one (Jason will be a little upset). Bryce had gotten applesauce all over the table and it was very sticky. Jason enjoyed taking pictures of Bryce's neck skin sticking to the table when he lifted his head up, ha!

Bryce loves the cozy coupe. Jason's grandparents let us have theirs. They said they really wanted Bryce to have it!

so serious

And if you have been keeping up with our house saga, we FINALLY own the new house. Unfortunately we still own the old house, but we have renters who will hopefully be closing on April 30 or by June at the latest.

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