Wednesday, December 23, 2015

the christmas bug

Bryce came in yesterday complaining of a sore throat.  It was a rainy day and we didn't have any plans so we stayed at home in our pjs and relaxed all day.  Bryce seemed fine throughout the morning but when he didn't eat much of his lunch and passed on a shopping trip with Nana, I knew he might really be sick.  It wasn't long before I found him like this on the sofa.  If you know Bryce, you know he doesn't slow down for anything.  Anything but sickness!
When he woke up, he had a bit of a fever and he was starting to feel the effects of it.  We gave him some advil and he perked up about an hour later and seemed fine.  With Christmas coming, I wanted to take every precaution so I got a 6:00 appointment (hallelujah for extended hours) to make sure we had the right meds in case it was strep!

So glad my mama intuition kicked in!  Does this look like a kid with strep throat?

Bryce has been wanting a slurpee for a few days so I told him after the doctor we would get one.  I'd say that's the perfect dinner for a boy who has strep throat for the first time and had to endure the throat swab.  He was a champ though!  Our doctor was quite impressed that we hadn't been to the doctor for a sick visit since Bryce was 1.  Crazy!!

Just thought I would continue to document Emmy's naps of Christmas break.  This girl can sleep anywhere.  She likes to nap like her Mama!

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