Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Monday was our first official day of Christmas break and it was glorious!  Bryce spent a lot of the day curled up reading a book.
We made Christmas cookies.

We decorated the cookies later at the Jackson's Christmas party!
I started to document Emmy's outfits because we're trying to get all the Christmas ones in before we're out of time.

I'm being lenient on naps during break, but this girl just can't hang without her nap!

We spent the evening at the Jackson's house for a fun Christmas party with our neighbors.

Love these little props.

The kids!

We call ourselves the "BelJackLocks".  If only we could get Jason to smile in pictures!

Jason and I spent Sunday afternoon mistletoe hunting at a friend's house.  We were unsuccessful, but we found a good replacement, ha!

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