Wednesday, December 9, 2015

christmas parade and other holiday cheer

The kids were both under the weather Friday and Saturday, but were back to normal by Sunday and were able to enjoy the annual Mechanicsville Christmas parade!  We love that our house is on the parade route!
Max, the dog from The Grinch, was my favorite "float".

Bryce loves the monster trucks!

Santa comes through on the fire truck at the end!

Oh hey, Santa!

Our neighbor cut Bryce's hair two weeks ago to look like Bryce Harper.  This weekend he styled it into a Mohawk for him.

The kids may have sung on stage at church after his hair was styled.  Oh my! 

We had our hanging of the greens service at church on Sunday night and this was the only shot I got. 

My mom got me this fun new Christmas picture that I had my eye on at Cracker Barrel.

Last night I planned a fun Moms Night Out for my MOPS group.  We met up and went to the Jefferson Hotel to see their Christmas decorations and then we went out to dinner.

Emmy helped me bake cupcakes this morning to get ready for a birthday party for Jesus that I'm hosting for MOPS tomorrow.

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