Sunday, December 6, 2015

playing catch up

How many blog posts can I title "playing catch up" this year?  I feel like that's all I'm doing and there is no sign of slowing down until about May/June! 
Emmy clearly feels my pain about how exhausted I've been these past few months!
My girl loves taking selfies. 

We spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina.
We went to a book signing event for Emmy's teacher.

Bryce has been growing his hair out so he could get a Bryce Harper haircut.  He finally gave us the green light last Sunday!

Bass Pro Shop fun.

We made our annual Santa visit to Bass Pro Shop this week.

Emmy went with me to Bryce's school to help at the book fair this week.

I may enjoy the book fair more than Bryce!

We went to Math and Reading night at Bryce's school on Thursday night.  It was a cowboy theme if you're wondering!

I had a LuLaRoe party get canceled for Friday night so we drove around and looked at Christmas lights instead.

We've been busy, but we're making the best of it and making memories as we go!

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