Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Monday was Pap's birthday so we went out to dinner.  This would have been Bryce's week to pick the place and Pap was nice enough to pick the place Bryce has been waiting weeks to go.  We have watched a new restaurant be built and Bryce couldn't wait to go once they opened!!
Might be one of my most favorite pictures EVER.

We had a MOPS birthday party for Jesus today at a local clubhouse.  Emmy was happy eating an Oreo to celebrate Jesus.

Bryce went for the cupcake!

We had our small group over for dinner tonight.  It was a good excuse to get the house cleaned and to use our fine china!  Love nights like this!

We made Joseph for day 9 of Advent and a pillow for day 10 to represent Joseph sleeping and the angel coming in a dream!

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Shipley Mommy said...

I am so glad you went! Thomas is dying to go, and I promised him "soon." I told him Bryce was looking forward to going too since he also watched the builders.

Your house looks beautiful, as always, I am sure your small group had a wonderful time.

And that dress! Emmy! Love-it! :)