Monday, December 23, 2013

a few days full of fun

Saturday night I went to my friend Jenny's annual Christmas wine tasting party.  Everyone brings a dish to share and a bottle of wine to taste and each year she picks a charity to donate to.  In the past, we have donated prom/bridesmaids dresses and coats.  This year we donated stuffed animals.  She even hid an elf for someone to find and win a prize!  Such a fun night and don't worry, I didn't taste all those wines!  I only like white wine and there were only 4 of those!
It was in the 70's on Sunday and I had no idea how to dress the kids.  I've been trying to get Emmy in all her Christmas outfits so I knew what she was going to wear even though it didn't fit the forecast.  Bryce insisted on wearing shorts and I couldn't really deny him since it was warm enough, so we went with it.  At least he wore red!

It was our Sunday to teach Bryce's class so we combined with his mom's class and had a birthday party for Jesus!

They're praying, can you tell?!?

Yummy cupcakes!

Sunday night we had a get together with all of our high school friends and their kids.  Our friends who hosted have a new house and it was SO beautiful.  Emmy loved playing with someone else's toys and I've decided that dress up clothes/SHOES need to be on her birthday list this year!

We weren't able to go to the Boar's Head Inn to build a gingerbread house this year so Bryce picked out a kit from Target and we decorated it this morning.  Jason assembled it last night so it would be ready for the kids!

Emmy is forever playing with my camera.  When I started taking pictures with it this morning, I noticed it was black and white and only some color was showing up.  Even though I've seen people do this with pictures and apps, I thought my camera was broken.  Turns out it just has this fun feature!

The finished product (before the snowman fell over).

Advent day 21 - star
Advent day 22 - wise men
The wise men followed the star to Jesus!
Advent day 23 - gifts.
We made a cinnamon ornament to remember the precious smelling gifts the wise men brought to Jesus. 

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