Thursday, December 26, 2013

chirstmas re-cap

We start our Christmas celebrations on Christmas Eve and I just love it.  I love Christmas Eve just as much as Christmas Day!  The kids and I made some cookies for Santa that morning.  One day I hope to make "real" cookies for Santa with the kids!  Sometimes easy is better!
My family has always opened gifts on Christmas Eve.  It's a great tradition and it makes it easier to celebrate with all of Jason's family on Christmas Day.  My mom's pretty table all set for lunch!

Emmy might make her way to the big table next year!

I just love my mom's Christmas meal (it's her Thanksgiving meal too), but I just LOVE it because we only eat it twice a year! 

I could not wait for Emmy to open this present from my parents.....

She loves playing with vacuum cleaners at other people's houses, so I knew she would love it.  She has taken it everywhere with her since she has gotten it and she puts it away in her closet at night before she goes to bed.  So precious!

After lunch and presents, we headed to church for the kids Christmas Eve service followed by our traditional candlelight service.  Jason and Bryce were shepherds in the candlelight service.

Bryce did such a great job with his lines!

Once we were back at home and the kids were in bed, we got to work on preparing for Christmas morning. 

Bryce's favorite toy!   

Emmy didn't have time or the interest in posing for a Christmas morning/Christmas pj picture.

After opening presents at home, we headed to Jason's parent's house for breakfast and gifts with his family.  These kiddos were super excited.

Unfortunately, this is where my picture taking stopped.  We went to Jason's grandparent's for lunch, then to my parent's house for stockings, then home to play with our toys for a bit, and then to Jason's Grandma's house for dinner before calling it a night.  We had a great Christmas and we are so blessed with such a wonderful family! 

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Shipley Mommy said...

Eeek! I just realized I didn't take a Christmas morning jammies shot! Oh well :(

You people were crazy busy, but it sounds wonderful (one of those perks of having family close by I bet)

Emmy I love your vaccum, and Bryce--Thomas loved your hot wheels track too!

And, the shepherds are too precious! I bet you nailed it :)