Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a new tradition

Bryce made his Christmas list for us again this year, but Emmy is still at the age where she doesn't care/know what she wants for Christmas.  We knew we wanted to get her a dollhouse (which will be from Santa) but I didn't have anything else for her and I wanted her to have something to unwrap.  I decided to take Bryce out to shop for Emmy and get her a gift from him/us.  We started off at Chick Fil A for lunch (complete with a milkshake)!
Bryce requested that we sit by Santa so we could watch him while we ate our lunch!  He posed for a photo after we ate.  He needed Emmy next to him to fill the empty spot!

We headed to Toys R Us after lunch.  Bryce picked out princesses for Emmy's Disney castle right away.  After shopping the whole store, he told me there wasn't anything else that he liked as much as the princesses.  I told him it was kind of small so he could pick something else.  He thought about getting her a baby in a bathtub, but finally decided on the Little People school bus.  I was pleased with his choice because now they will both have a vehicle to transport their Little People.  They are always arguing over the airplane!

Advent day 17 - sheep
The shepherds watched over the sheep as Jesus watches over us (his little lambs).


Jodi said...

What a fun mommy/son date!

Shipley Mommy said...

We LOVE Little People. Okay, I love Little People so much that I make my kids play them with me. I have a huge collection of all of their play-sets (except many of the holiday ones because I am too cheap to order them online ;)

Emmy will love that pink bus Bryce, it is perfect!

And the sheep--adorable.