Wednesday, December 4, 2013

a few fun things

I was subbing again today so the kids stayed with my parents again.  Bryce had school this morning, but when Emmy took her nap this afternoon, he and Nana made some fun, edible ornaments.  I sent myself some pictures of Emmy making one after her nap, but apparently the iPad is smarter than me, because I never got the pictures! 
A friend from MOPS sent me a "chain letter" book exchange.  I had to send the letter to six people in hopes that they would then send it to six people who would then send us books.  We are supposed to get 36 books by the end of it, but that's TOTALLY not going to happen.  Jason told me not to do it, because it wouldn't work, but I didn't want to let the kid down that I had to send a book to, so I kept it going.  Thankfully, one of my friends was really good about following through with it and Emmy has gotten 3 books.  Unfortunately, none of the letters I sent with Bryce's name have been completed, so he hasn't gotten any mail, but he's a good sport and he and Emmy share!  The kids were excited about the Ten Little Ladybugs book we got today because our copy is all but destroyed!   
We're having a great time with Truth in the Tinsel.  I did the first two lessons with Bryce, but since I've been subbing the past two days, we haven't had time until after dinner.  It's been fun doing it as a family and reading the Bible together and talking about the stories and making the craft. 

Advent day 4 - Gabriel


Jenny said...

those ornaments look super yummy! you should get the how to from your mom!

Shipley Mommy said...

Dear Bryce,

I am a slacker! I will do better, although I will have to lookout side the book orders since your mama swipes those up just like me ;)


PS: I love your creative Krispie Treat ornaments!