Monday, December 16, 2013

duck the halls

You may or may not know that we enjoy Duck Dynasty.  I haven't posted our Christmas card picture to the blog yet, but once you see it, you will see that we also have jumped on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon.  Of course, Jason would deny that a little bit.  He will tell you that because he is a duck hunter, he has always been a fan of the Duck Commander (Phil Robertson) before their family ever thought about being famous.  At any rate, we enjoy their show and merchandise.  My parents gave us their Christmas c.d. the other day and it's really good!
These Truth in the Tinsel Advent activities have caused me to step outside of my crafting comfort zone.  I am not a crafter and these things don't come easy for me.  At least the lady behind these ornaments has made things pretty simple and we haven't had to buy many if any supplies and have been able to improvise on some things when needed.  I've become a master with the glue gun lately!
Day 15 - manger (we used play dough to make the manger, baby Jesus' head and hay-even if they do look like bananas).
Day 16 - cloths (we wrapped baby Jesus in cloths).

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Shipley Mommy said...

Ha! I always knew you were craftier than you would admit ;)