Saturday, December 14, 2013

playing catch up again

 I seem to get so behind on life starting on Thursdays.  I subbed on Thursday and Friday this week so I didn't have as much free time for fun stuff!
Bryce had his Christmas program at school on Thursday night and it was SO cute!  I just love that he goes to a Christian preschool and that the program focused on Jesus!  I'm getting so sad at the thought of him leaving there next year and going to kindergarten in the real world.  Sigh!
Bryce and Thomas
Bryce and Aiden

Bryce and Emmy enjoyed a cookie after the program.
We helped Keagan celebrate his second birthday this morning at his fun train party.  Aren't the kids cute in their train hat party favors?!?
Advent day 12 - census.
We filled a jar with rice to represent all the people that were counted.  We used bouncy balls to represent Mary and Joseph because there were special since God had chosen them to be Jesus' parents.
Advent day 13 - Bethlehem.

Advent day 14 - stable. 

All caught up for another few days!  It won't be long before I'm behind again.


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing the group photo from Keagan's party. He had a great time and is so excited to have a "Thomas"! I love all of the advent activities and definitely think I will be buying that book for Keagan next year. Too sweet!

Shipley Mommy said...

You think you are behind?! I JUST updated my blog today (Thursday) starting with last Thursday! And, now I am catching up on reading your blog instead of doing housework (which I should always be doing, but this is more fun)

And, remind me to email you some pics from their performance, they aren't great, but they may be slightly in more focus than the one you got.