Monday, December 27, 2010

22 months

Bryce turned 22 months on Christmas. I can't believe we almost have a 2 year old. Some days I think he may already be 2 because he can throw a tantrum, but for the most part, he is calm and compliant!
Bryce continues to amaze us with his knowledge of the world around him. He is very observant and narrates all the happenings he sees. Bryce's counting is improving. He counts to 10 correctly seventy percent of the time rather than counting 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 7, 8.....ha! He knows many shapes (circle, square, oval, rectangle, triangle, diamond, star, and heart). When he sees a heart, he pats his heart and makes the heart beat sound, too cute! Sometimes he can even name pentagon and hexagon.
Bryce enjoys singing. I can hum just about any song and he picks up the tune and starts singing the actual song. Rudolph and Jingle Bells have been his favorite recently. He is also getting better at singing the ABC's. He leaves out J, K, and then sometimes stops on P and drags it out like it's the end of the song. He also recognizes many letters and can give you a word for them (B for Bryce, C for Chase, D for DaDa, J for Jason, M for Macy, N for Nana, S for snake, and V for Vickie).

Bryce is very lovable and kind. He has never been much of a cuddler, but he makes up for it with hugs and kisses.

It's still impossible to get him to hold still and pose for a picture.

I look forward to getting Bryce's height and weight at his 2 year checkup because he still seems to be very petite like his MaMa and DaDa. I noticed the other day that Bryce is only a hair taller than Taylor and he is eight months older than her. I also wonder if he is gaining weight. Sometimes I think he can't possibly be gaining weight because he is such a picky eater and eats very little, and then I think he's going to be obese and diabetic because when he does eat, he eats bread, fruit, and sugary snacks.

We love you B-man!

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