Saturday, December 18, 2010

christmas fun

My Christmas break started Thursday (two days early) thanks to the arrival of the snow. I am beyond ecstatic that I have 18 days of pure relaxation and fun! I had plans to get together with my fourth grade team on Thursday night for our annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange, but we decided not to brave the elements. We ended up meeting last night and it was a wonderful time as always.
I had to leave the first party a little early in time to get the second party that I had originally had planned for Friday night. My friend Jenny has an annual wine tasting party. There is always some kind of theme to it. Last year was a pajama theme and this year was bridesmaid dresses. Thankfully Kelly let me borrow her dress she wore in my wedding because I didn't have any to choose from. After the party, the dresses were going to be donated to a local charity.

This picture was taken well into the night when most people had already slipped into more comfy clothes. I just love holidays and the fun traditions they bring!

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