Thursday, December 16, 2010

snow day

I am at home enjoying my first snow day of the school year. Schools started announcing closings last night in anticipation of today's snow. Of course today and tomorrow were to be my easiest days of the week/school year, but I'll take a snow day whenever! Bryce enjoyed watching the snow fall this morning. He never asked to go out in it, but I knew he wanted to.
We bundled up and headed out for a little while this morning.

Once we got out there, he remembered Jason telling him he could drive his car in the snow when we went out. He's not very good at driving the car on the driveway when it's dry, much less when it has snow on it! I ended up pushing him the whole time!

Digging in the snow is just as fun as dirt and bird seed!

Attempting to get a taste.

He took a spill, but could have cared less.

Wondering what tomorrow will bring.....

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