Tuesday, December 28, 2010

more christmas and a play date

Look who got a new bike for Christmas!
Nina and Pop came up today to celebrate Christmas with us and they brought Bryce this awesome bike. He absolutely loves it. He has been riding it around the downstairs most of the evening. I told him we could take it outside tomorrow and he asked if he could ride it in the snow. That should be fun!

We had a play date tonight with some of our long time friends and their kids. From the left is Allison and her son Colton, Jenny and her son Charlie and Renee and her soon to be baby girl Parr. I think the boys had a really great time playing and I know the dads had a wonderful time chatting it up downstairs while we entertained!

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Sherman Unkefer said...

Bryce is a very cute boy! He sure is a good boy to have a nice bike for Christmas!