Thursday, February 11, 2010


I mostly did this post because my goal is to post once a day this month. I don't know how people do it. I have been at home and not at work almost everyday this month and it is still impossible. I have not posted everyday, but I have posted more than once in a day so today's post makes number 11 and today is February 11 so it counts! I was pretty impressed that I actually posted the last 4 days of January, too.

While we have not been hit as hard in terms of amounts of snow as other parts of Virginia have, I can still use the terms "snowmageddon" and "snowpocalypse" because we have been hit with a snowstorm every weekend with a few during the week since the start of February. I wanted to detail my work schedule since the start of this month. And I linked each day to it's original post.

Thursday, January 28 - last full day with my students

Friday, January 29 - professional development day (no students)

Saturday, January 30 - snow storm

Sunday, January 31 - church is cancelled for the first time in a LONG time

Monday, February 1 - No school - snow (2 posts today, didn't know what to do with all of my free time, ha!)

Tuesday, February 2 - No school - snow (2 posts again today, who knew I could blog and do house work during nap time?!?)

Wednesday, February 3 - No school - snow (1 post)

Thursday, February 4 - Back to school - 2 hr delay (I knew I wouldn't blog today. I had to work, duh! I even told you in the post the day before that I wouldn't be blogging.)

Friday, February 5 - No School - More snow (2 posts today, I sure do love snow days, especially when my hubby is home, too!)

Saturday, February 6 - more snow (1 post today)

Sunday, February 7 - finally got to go to church (No posts today, we were really busy. But technically I was ahead of schedule for a post a day!)

Monday, February 8 - No school - roads still icy (1 post today)

Tuesday, February 9 - Back to school - 2 hr delay (No posts today. I was too busy working, ha!)

Wednesday, February 10 - No school - more snow (1 post today which is quite impressive because I was feeling a bit under the weather.)

Thursday, February 11 - Back to school - 2 hr delay (And you are reading today's post, which was mainly created because I didn't have any pictures of Bryce from today and I needed to keep up my blogging streak. Don't expect this next's too much work, but since I haven't been working, it has been manageable.)

Tomorrow - Friday, February 12 - 2 hr delay

I'm pretty sure I will not know how to handle a full work day when I finally have another one. Snow is in the forecast for Saturday and Monday. I am a lover of snow days, but this is getting to be ridiculous. All I can say is that this snow cycle on the weekends and midweek needs to get it all out of its snowy system by February 27 for Bryce's party. I DO NOT want to have to reschedule his first birthday party!

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