Friday, February 12, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day (a little early)
I think the best thing about being a teacher, well besides snow days and summer vacation (and of course the gratification of shaping young minds), is Valentine's Day. If you know us well, you know that Valentine's Day does not exist in Jason's world. I'm okay with that, believe it or not. I give him a hard time about it every year, but I really don't care. But back to why I love being a teacher. I love celebrating Valentine's Day with the students. I get plenty of candy and love from my students every year. Today I brought home a ton of chocolate, Valentine cards, and a bunch of other random candy like Bryce is snacking on below! It's all the Valentine's I really need anyway.
I used to keep dum-dums around for Bryce when he got hurt or when he was in a bad mood and needed a little pick me up. He used to take a few licks and then he was satisfied. Well, now he has learned how to hold a lollipop and a few licks WON'T do, ha! He has to hold it until the last bite. I decided a red Valentine lollipop would be the perfect addition to the white shirt he wore today (you will see the destruction below).

It's a masterpiece!

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