Saturday, February 20, 2010

grocery shopping

Grocery shopping with a baby is not fun or easy! Well actually it was easy when he was a baby, but this age, not so much. Bryce can no longer tolerate riding in the front of the shopping cart. He gets bored because he can't see where he is going and he tries to stand up and turn around. I can usually keep him at bay for a little while with snacks, but he is a quick eater. Today we decided to let him ride in the big part of the basket. He really liked it. He started off standing when there weren't many groceries, but he sat down as soon as we put stuff in the cart. He was very interested in all the new items to explore. He did great until he saw the bananas and he really wanted one. Luckily I had a cereal bar to distract him.

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A Wedding Story said...

What a big boy!!! He looks so cute ;)